Live hairy crab delivered to right to your doorstep

How it started

Hairy Crab At Home was founded by 2 fresh graduates from SIM in the year of 2014.

Driven by our common passion for food, we decided to go into the F&B industry. We had deliberated on several options including setting up of café , restaurants and even a simple food push-cart.

During a meet up, we decided to head to a local restaurant here in Singapore to eat Hairy Crabs and ended up paying an astronomical sum for the meal.

It was then that we had a common idea of importing Premium Live Hairy Crabs and to supply directly to consumers here in Singapore, so that all can enjoy this premium delicacy at an affordable price.

We seek to provide an alternative to Hairy Crab consumers here in Singapore, so that not only are they getting more “bang for the buck”, they would also be able to satisfy their Hairy Crab Cravings!!

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