Best Promotion In Town

Best Promotion in Town!!!
$30 Discount + $20 Voucher + 1 Lucky Draw Chance)

(Collaboration between Hairy Crab At Home, The Wine Stable & GoodMart)

Christmas is just around the corner. To join in the spirit of giving, Hairy Crab at Home is collaborating with The Wine Stable and GoodMart to bring to you our “Best Promotion in Town

It is now the later Season of Hairy Crabs in Singapore.
Order now to savor the sweetness of the milt and roe at its best!!!
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Promotion on all Packages

15% Discount + FREE $20 Voucher + 1 Chance in our Christmas Lucky Draw for the Osuman Glass Diffuser

Package Price: $168 Nett
Original Price: $198
Savings: $30

Choose either one of the packages below:

FullSizeRender (7)  Gold Mix Package        Gold Female Package

   Gold Male Package                         Gold Mix Package                     Gold Female Package  
6 x 200g(Male Crabs)                    3 x 200g (Male Crabs)                     6x 145g (Female Crabs)
3 x 145g (Female Crabs)

              BUY NOW                                              BUY NOW                                         BUY NOW

PACKAGING: All our packages comes with the following:
1 x Premium Crab Vinegar
2 x Crabmeat Picker
2 x Sachets Ginger Tea
1 x Packet of Perilla Leaves

Collaborating partners:

The Wine Stable (
Brings to us top quality Australian and New Zealand wines. It is priced affordably and have received raving comments on the selection and quality of wine.

Hairy Crab at Home is proud to be collaborating with them on this “Best Promotion in Town”. A $20 voucher from “The Wine Stable” would be give to any package purchased at Hairy Crab At Home.

You may chose to purchase online or contact The Wine Stable: +65 9769 5410 for self-collection.

GoodMart (
Established in 2013, GoodMart supply lots of high quality Aroma Diffusers at a very attractive wholesale prices to their customers. GoodMart work very closely with many overseas factories to ensure that only the best Aroma Diffusers and Essential Oil are brought into Singapore for their customers.

Within a short timeframe of 2 years, GoodMart was able to accumulated thousands of positive feedbacks from their customer for both their quality products & services

Lucky Draw Prizes (Sponsored by GoodMart)
Osuman Glass N33                                           Osuman Glass N13

Osuman Glass N33 Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser             Osuman Glass N13 Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser
              Price: $59.90                                                     Price:  $59.90

With any purchase of our ‘Best Promotion in Town’ entitles you to a chance to win. 2 lucky winner will be selected on the 20th of December where each winner will win either a Osuman Glass N13 or Osuman Glass N33 Ultrasonic glass diffuser sponsored by GoodMart plus a box of Gold Mix Hairy Crab Package.

Terms & Conditions:

1) Promotion only valid for limited time, subject to availability.
2) Order must make 1-2 days in advance
3) Promotion is not valid with any other packages except “Best Promotion In Town”
4) 3 Delivery slot available: 9am-12pm, 12pm-4pm and 4pm-7pm.
5) FREE delivery island wide, except Jurong Island.
6) $20 voucher can only redeem from The Wine Stable website or self-collection (
7) For product details on wine, please contact “The Wine Stable” at +65 9769 5410 or
8) All decision made by Hairy Crab at Home relating to this promotion shall be final and conclusive.

Call/text us at +65 8113 4232 / +65 6100 1633 to place your orders now!!!

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