How To Eat

Step 1: Tail: Flip the crab on its back and remove the tail. If you see roe. Suck out the roe/milt from the tail. Don’t use vinegar to taste the sweetness.

Step 2: Top shell: Remove the top shell. This is where most of the roe/milt is hidden. Remove top shell to uncover the bright orange rich roe.

Step 3: Top shell: Remove the small bones at the top. Scrape all the roe/milt together from the body, add a bit of vinegar mixture to cut through the richness.

Step 4: Body: Break the body in half. Remove the “gills” from the sides of the body, they are inedible.

Step 5: Body in quarters: Break each half of the body into half again. This opens the little partitions where most of the meat

Step 6: Legs: Break the first joint of the leg by biting it off. Then bite off the second joint, leaving the leg in two pieces. Use a crab-shell cracker if your teeth are sensitive.

Step 7: Legs: Using the end bit of the leg, which is sharp and thin, push through the top part of the remaining leg and you’ll find yourself with a nice intact piece of leg meat.

Step 8: Claws: The claws are the toughest part of the crab. Use the crab-shell cracker (or very strong teeth) to break the claw in half. By

using a cracker, you avoid getting too much hair on the claws.

Step 9: Claws: Once again, use the end bit of a leg to pick out the crab meat hidden in the claw.


Not Advisable To Consume







According to Chinese medicine, the flash of hairy crab is cold (Yin/阴) and should therefore is not advisable to be consume with other ‘Cold’ food such as food above and it should never be eaten with persimmon, as it’s thought to be a ‘Poison’ combination.

Pregnant woman MUST NOT consume Hairy Crab, as mentioned above hairy crab is ‘Cold’, it is not healthy for the baby.