How to identify male or female hairy crab

Male Hairy Crab
image 10 Have sharp base

They contain “Milt” that is transparent in colour, with yellow butter cream
image 2

Female Hairy Crabimage 9Have a round base

They contain “Roe” that is dark orange in colour, with yellow cream butter
image 3

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Dead or Alive


  1. Use your finger to gentle tap the eyes of the crab. If there is some response, the crab is alive.
  2. Straighten the “Finger Tips” of the crab. If it retracts back into its original position, the crab is alive.
  3. Submerge crab into water and lift it up. If there is bubble seen, the crab is alive.
  4. If there is no reaction from the Hairy crab after above methods, release the crab to check if it is still moving. If the crab does not move, refrain from eating and email us at support@hairycrabathome or contact us immediately at +65 6100 1633 (refer to Shipping & Return Policy)


LIVE Hairy Crab
image 19

DEAD Hairy Crab
image 20