Mini Package


2 Pieces of 200g – 220g Male Hairy Crabs

2 Pieces of 120g – 140g Female Hairy Crabs


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About This Package

Here at Hairy Crab at Home, we hear the concerns of our Hairy Crab Lovers.

We understand that some of you may feel that a package of 6 crabs might be too many. Therefore, we have designed a Mini package of 4 Hairy Crabs just for you.

Our hairy crabs are air flown daily into Singapore to ensure the quality of the product. Hairy Crabs will be delivered LIVE to your doorstep. For the purpose of delivery, Hairy Crabs will be carefully packed in an insulated box with ice packs, designed to maintain the temperature to ensure the comfort of the Hairy Crabs.

Hurry, “add to cart” or call us at +65 6100 1633 to place your order now!! Hurry whilst stocks last!


What’s In Each Package

2 Pieces of 200g Male Hairy Crabs

2 Pieces of 120g Female Hairy Crabs

Perilla Leaves

2 Meat Pickers

2 Sachets of Ginger Tea

A Bottle of Premium Hairy Crab Vinegar

Pamphlet which provides informations on how to prepare the crabs


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